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Deposito Creativo started in October 2014 from a cooperation of Mara Gondoni and Nicoletta Gentili, two interior designers who have realized a partnership moved by love and passion for their work.

They both studied at accredited institutions; Mara at Chelsea College of Art and Design in London and European Institute for Operative Arts in Perugia, Nicoletta at the European Design Institute in Milan (IED). Later, they improved their studies by attending several Masters in Milan and London; then they worked in design studios and show rooms. Finally, they started working as freelancers.

“Deposito” is a creative studio located in Forlì that deals with interior design and styling.

Professionalism in the field of interior design is well combined with research, conception and sale of furnishing. Pieces of recyclable materials are revised and transformed; handmade and custom made products are realized.

In particular, Deposito Creativo plans, sketches and realizes its own collection of furnishing and decor.

Deposito Creativo’s goal is to realize public and private spaces with a strong emotional impact and a high personality, totally independent of the latest fashions but able to meet the customer needs.

Deposito Creativo mainly deals with renovations, interior arrangement of new buildings and restyling, starting from the design up to the assistance and management of the construction site and the involved workers, in order to offer a turnkey service.

Their previous experience has led Mara and Nicoletta to an attentive selection of the artisans to always provide their customers with a well refined work in the smallest details.

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